Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My forgotten life

I barely recognize myself.  Let’s review:

  • I just ate salmon drenched in butter with a side of honey sesame sweet potatoes.  I liked them, Greg did not. 
  • I am going to get ready for bed soon and when I do, I will wash my hands with the liquid soap I made and I will brush my teeth with my homemade toothpaste.  (Again, I am a fan.  Greg is not).  
  • I make sure my children do a little “earthing” each day by playing in the dirt or being barefoot outside. 
  • I just bought a cleaner that can do everything (bathrooms, kitchen, ant killer, help with acne, dish soap, bug bites, shampoo, and laundry soap to name a few) and it actually works.  It is human safe, non-toxic.  I am actually a little obsessed with it.  www.branchbasics.com
  • I make my own fruit snacks with grass-fed gelatin.
  • I lather my kids up with coconut oil when they go out in the sun.  No burns yet, and it has been HOT!
  • Each night before bed I put apple cider vinegar on my face. 
  • My bathroom looks like my kitchen.
  • I cooked vegetables for myself the other night and put garlic on the vegetables, on purpose!
  • There is nothing in my kitchen that was here last year.
  • I planted a garden. 
  • I use essential oils for all of our ailments.
  • We make homemade ice cream
  • I am this close to trying raw milk.

and that is just to name a few. 

The moral of the story: I am glad I am still married and that Greg still likes me. 

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