At times it may not be the life we planned, but here it is, the life we love

Monday, March 30, 2015

11 things

1. You know what the best part of spring break is? Not having to make lunches.

2. Greg was leaving for work the other morning and said goodbye to me. He said, "goodbye sweetheart" and Autumn looked all confused and said, "why did he say that?".  I told her because he loved me. She looked all serious and said, "so, you two are married?"

3. Little Ivy can't stand when she isn't the best. I was looking at pictures of Owen last night from when he was three. I mentioned how funny he was and true to form, Ivy responded that she was too. This happens every time a conversation like that happens. 

4. We are finally feeling better and back to normal from Owen's sickness. It took a lot out of us and threw our lives in a tailspin, but a month later and we seem to be getting our life back. Two more days of dr appts and hopefully we are done!

5. Greg tried to teach me how to do the baseball book tonight. I offered to do it last week and tonight during our lesson I quit. 

6. Every night when I snuggle by Autumn she sits up and says "I need your arm". I have to put my arm behind her and snuggle her in tight. 

7. Ivy has a practice for gymnastics on Saturday when they will decide if she moves up to the next level. This whole competitive sports thing is not for the faint of heart. (And the kids are fine, it is me who struggles.)

8. Last week Owen and Ryan couldn't spell cousin. I told them I would buy a prize for the first one to spell it right. It took a minute and a lot of guesses, and much to the boys' dismay, Ivy figured it out first.  She went into Fred Meyer and picked out a toy. In an effort to calm their concerns that they lost to Ivy, I offered up a spelling test today. They were given 32 words to study for the week and I am happy to report they both received 100% today and each earned a prize. 

9. When Owen got sick, Greg's work was amazing about it. I love his new job. 

10. Yesterday I was less than amused when I found Greg was still sound asleep when he should have been getting ready to take Owen to karate. After I took Owen myself, Greg apologized and asked why I didn't wake him up sooner. Yep, apparently I am in charge of waking them all up to get ready to go. Not amazing at all. 

11. I haven't done yoga for awhile. I feel the time is near to start again. 

And there are 11 things worth noting. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Nothing sweeter

It has been a long tiring day filled with a bit of everything... Yelling, laughing, screaming, crying, playing, swimming, bathing, crafting, schooling, pianoing, and finally resting. 

As I snuggled Autumn to sleep I said, "you're my super star and I love you". Her little sleepy voice said back, "you're my mom and I love you". 

And then it was a good day. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Football, cousins, yummy food, and a CRAZY win for the Seattle Seahawks made for a fabulous Sunday.  

As we were transplants up to Washington, we haven't always been a fan of our beloved Seahawks, but never fear... WE ARE FANS now!!  I may even feel myself turning into a SuperFan.  Actually, I am a SuperFan of this whole state.  I LOVE living here and as part of loving living here, I love the team too.  Originally this day had been set aside to head to Leavenworth for the Bavarian Ice Fest to kick off the 2015 monthly adventures but upon learning it was the day for the NFC Championship Game and as pending SuperFans, it had to be cancelled.  Later, after a near loss that turned around for a crazy win in overtime, we screamed with laughter at the thought that we could have missed it all for the Ice Fest.  

So to sum up the day:, the kids ate too little, the adults ate too much, we gave up hope and had it restored, we laughed a lot, we played a lot and can't wait to do it all again in 2 weeks.... 



Saturday, January 17, 2015

I hate computers

Half the reason that I haven't blogged much is that my computer was full and terribly slow.  In an effort to save my sanity, I used Angie's old computer, which worked until it didn't.  My dad got me a new little computer recently and it has a very small hard drive but he installed a very large supplemental drive to go with it.  I thought this would work fine and yet I find myself sitting here tonight with my programs being confused between the C drive and the D drive.  The C drive is full and slowing things down and the programs that are trying to download are getting mixed up and missing files necessary to make them work.  Sigh.  

Computers suck so here are some pictures to lighten the mood.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I made it to Thursday

Each week that is the goal. After Wednesday is done we have 2 days of gymnastics done, 2 days of karate done, 1 day of scouts done, 1 piano lesson done, 1 day of swimming done, 1 day of volunteering in classrooms done, 1 day of watching Wesley done, and 3 days of lunches done.... I made it to the homestretch! 

We still have a lot to go before Sunday, our day of rest....3 more karate days, 1 more gymnastics day, 1 more piano lesson, 1 day of dance, 1 more day of swimming, and 2 more lunches. But, it is the homestretch!!! 

Tomorrow will be fancy as I: figure out how to get Owen and Ivy to their lessons in opposite directions at the same time immediately after school, get some much needed work done, decide where our new bank account will be, finish Ivy's new homework packet that is due Friday, fight and argue with Owen to get his homework done, think about the school yearbook I am doing (notice I just said think about it.... Doing is another day), and wonder if I will get the karate newsletter done (wondering not doing), and maybe for good measure, clean a room. 

And then I sleep and rejoice that I have one more lunch to make before I get two lunch days off!! 

Thursday.... Here we come!

Sunday, January 11, 2015


My girls think the word grab is pronounced grav. I told Ivy the other day that it is grab not grav. She looked at me with the most curious look and then said "grav sounds so much better". 

I am lying on the floor while the girls take a bath and I hear over and over, "Grav that!" "Auttie, you grav it first and then I will." "Hurry Ivy, grav it."

Knowing Ivy, she probably doesn't believe me and is sure grav is right, but knowing Ivy, she would hate that she is saying the wrong word. Lose lose for me I guess. 

We will try to introduce grab again later, they are too cute to care.....

Saturday, December 13, 2014

New Year's Resolution Time

First item of business: No more excuses. Time to blog.

Autumn is a firecracker. She makes us laugh. She teases the kids endlessly. She  is wise beyond her years. She is bigger than life and yet teeny tiny. She runs the house and gets her way and it isn't always nice. 

The other night she was being mean to Ivy on purpose. She was pulling her hair and hitting her, all the while smirking about it. She must have felt like being extra mean and told Ivy that she didn't love her anymore and she was no longer part of the family. 

Ivy was devastated. Both big kids came running to find me and through her tears told me what happened. I asked Autumn why she would do that and asked her how she would feel if I said she wasn't part of the family. She looked at me, smiled, nodded her head and said, "that would make me really really ..... Happy". 

This is our life. Everyday.