At times it may not be the life we planned, but here it is, the life we love

Saturday, December 13, 2014

New Year's Resolution Time

First item of business: No more excuses. Time to blog.

Autumn is a firecracker. She makes us laugh. She teases the kids endlessly. She  is wise beyond her years. She is bigger than life and yet teeny tiny. She runs the house and gets her way and it isn't always nice. 

The other night she was being mean to Ivy on purpose. She was pulling her hair and hitting her, all the while smirking about it. She must have felt like being extra mean and told Ivy that she didn't love her anymore and she was no longer part of the family. 

Ivy was devastated. Both big kids came running to find me and through her tears told me what happened. I asked Autumn why she would do that and asked her how she would feel if I said she wasn't part of the family. She looked at me, smiled, nodded her head and said, "that would make me really really ..... Happy". 

This is our life. Everyday. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Apple Picking!

The problem I have with blogging, and more specifically being behind on blogging, is that I have so much to say and then I never know if I should write about the past or the current.  How can I write about what we did today when I still have to write about last week and last month?  That ends up leaving me with nothing.   Maybe if I start current, something will get on my blog.  I feel terribly guilty about never posting. 

So, apple picking.  We will start here.

Last year for one of our monthly adventures, we found an apple farm in Bellingham that has Honeycrisp apples, one of my most favorite apples of all times.  These apples are terribly expensive at somewhere around 3.99 per pound and sometimes more.  If we are willing to make the drive and pick them ourselves, 3.99 per pound turns into an amazing 1.85 per pound and not only are the apples cheaper, but they are so very delicious straight from the tree.  There is something that makes anything straight from how it grew, wonderfully delicious.  After apples for days last year at a fraction of the price, we knew we would definitely be heading back. 

With summer winding down and Honeycrisp apples in full swing, today was the day.  My sisters and I loaded up the kids, the lunch bags, and the husbands and it was off to Bellingham for Sunday afternoon apple picking. 

The only problem with going up there to get apples is that I am always afraid that I won’t get enough.  Of course, I have no where to put them and  there are fruit flies galore roaming through my house, but seriously… $1.85 per pound!  

It didn’t take long to fill up our bags and boxes and mostly because we were sweating to death, we were ready to go back.  Most of the group cruised away on a train while Owen, Angie, Greg, Wesley, myself, and all of my apples missed it.  We had a choice, we could either stand in the sweltering sun and wait or walk back.  Some of us chose to walk (Angie, me, and my apples) and some of us were forced to walk back (Owen, Greg, and Wesley).  More than a mile walk, carrying what we later learned to be 85 pounds of apples, was NOT easy.  With little complaints from all and a lot of laughing by Angie and me, we joined the others.  I have never been so happy to see that big red barn and not only the barn, but the fact that the train passed us going to the orchard about the time we got back.  It would have been more than hideous to make the trek and then have the train beat us back. 

I spent $155.00 on apples, we melted in the sun, we bought pumpkins we didn’t need, we got in a little exercise, we relaxed, we laughed, we ate and we played.  And with that, we say goodbye to summer and hello to fall!! 

Bellewood Acres…. until 2015!























IMG_8013 _MG_6298

Friday, July 18, 2014

Sitting around waiting.

Owen had practice for a parade he is in on Sunday night for karate. I did what I do best... Sit around and watch. I feel like I do two things now days, sit at lessons and vacuum fruit flies, luckily not at the same time!!  (Thank heavens when I am at lessons, there are no fruit flies. That would drive me to my breaking point.)

Here we are, passing the time....

Photobombed by an arm! 

And we wake up tomorrow for gymnastics! Time to sit and watch some more!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The lessons we are teaching

11:30 and the kids have been asleep for about 20 minutes. We ate soup at 10:00, despite the fact it has been 90 degrees for what feels like forever and the rest of the state is dying. We have zero regrets about our air conditioner, we even say that to each other daily.

Back to the soup... It was a disaster. I started making it too late and had to leave it to go to the park with the kids. When we got back, I tried to pick up where I left it and I started heating it up again only to have it never thicken, boil over all over the stove, and then burn on the bottom. Whatever, I was going to eat it anyway. So at 10:00, we ate soup. It was sort of like a deli soup, one where you wouldn't send it back and you would eat it because it was there, but you wouldn't order it next time. The kids only ate some because they didn't want to go to bed and even then, Owen ate the broth, Ivy ate the carrots, and Autumn ate the broccoli. 

Greg cleaned up the disaster I made from making disaster soup. Bless him for that, cause I really didn't want to and it has been a long day. He is a good egg. 

Well, I thought that anyway until Autumn told me what he has been teaching her. I asked her if she washed her hair in the bath. She said yes, when of course the answer was no. Greg reminded her that she was lying to which she proudly informed me of the following: 

"Daddy says if you want to lie, then just lie."

Greg swears that isn't true, but coming from someone who teaches if you want to lie, then just lie, I am not sure who to believe. 

She looked very convinced. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Man I am Busy

Once upon a time I didn’t have kids in lessons.  I was going to say that instead, I had a clean house and was a really efficient lawyer, but that would be a lie.  I still got nothing done, but I was home a lot more (I think).  Well now, I am running around like a crazy person and my kids are running around like crazy people and who knows if I should be doing any of it. 

Ivy is in gymnastics, dance, swimming and piano.  Owen is in Tae-Kwon Do, gymnastics, swimming, and piano.  Autumn is in dance and gymnastics and pretends she takes piano.  We started all of these things as a recreational sport, something to do, something to have fun with and then right before my eyes, they started becoming something else.  Suddenly, Ivy is taking gymnastics 7 1/2 hours a week, of which one of those hours includes a mandatory ballet class that I got to add to my monthly tuition.  Suddenly, Owen is in the leadership program at karate and is now required to do two extra classes a week on top of his already recommended 3-4 classes.  And, to top that off, those extra classes don’t even include the random list of parades I was given for him to be in, which all include multiple practices.  We started taking swimming to stay alive, but then once they started learning fabulous things like side breathing, the crawl stroke, the backstroke, and the butterfly stroke, we realized that now we stay in swimming to swim strokes and laps and be amazing.  Autumn started taking gymnastics because she was watching Ivy there and the owner guilted Angie and I into a mom and me class.  Now she is in a preschool class for kids ages 3-5, while she is only 2, and not only that but often more than once a week.  If I let her, she would go everyday.   Oh, and that reminds me, Owen’s gymnastics class is once a week for one hour, but without fail, EVERYTIME he finishes, he reminds me how much he loves it and BEGS to stay for another hour.  We do this song and dance every week.   Then we have piano.  I felt that they recently outgrew their teacher and we found another.  This requires me to take Ivy, come home, take Owen, pick up Ivy, come home, pick up Owen, and come home, all within a very short time period.  They will have new group lessons and competitions to be in and to think, we used to have our teacher come to our house.

Thank heavens we finished baseball and T-ball…. that is until Owen starts back up with Fall Ball. 

We started out to have fun at things but we have now crossed the line over to trying to be amazing at things. 

I think we are still having fun and I know we are spending a lot of money.   In fact, I do hope they become amazing at their things, as they may be their only hope for an education. 

Now, if I can only keep my head on straight and remember to work and take care of life outside of lessons, things will be good. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


It has been a long day of fighting, playing, running around, and existing. There was even that one time where I had to get something done for work and it had to be done right then, but Autumn didn't care.  She asked to sit on my lap and started to turn my chair and yell at me when I didn't pick her up. I got mad and moved her away to finish this very small task, but that did not make her happy. She came back over with big tears in her eyes and yelled at me and said desperately, "mom! That wasn't very nice!!!"

She was right. I looked at her and saw these little sad eyes and I picked her up and told her she was exactly right, it wasn't nice at all. 

I apologized and she nicely responded that it was ok and that we are friends. 

Sigh. Who is mean and treats their friends like that? 

I have guilt now. 

It didn't help much when she started calling me Mudder and Greg Fodder all night.  Oh guilt and stress and regret how I hate you. 

Tomorrow we try again.  

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I love this

No matter how stressful the day is, finding pictures on my phone or iPad like this makes everything better again.