Monday, February 25, 2013

I guess he was right

For years my dad has called Owen an old woman. He says this as Owen tries to keep control over situations most kids don't care about, like when he puts his hands on his hips and firmly says, "dad, we do not throw balls in the house". Or when he promptly marches over to the tv and declares, "we have a rule dad and we do not watch tv on Sundays!"

I am afraid if I had any doubts about Owen's old woman-ness, they are gone now. He came home the other day with a "caught in the act" certificate and a gold coin. He was so proud and said the principal gave it to him for helping set up cones for the buses at recess. I asked him questions about it, like did they ask you to help, what were your friends doing, were you playing ...

In a very serious tone, he went on to explain that he always helps out the recess ladies. In fact, he went on, he very rarely plays at recess, he mostly just hangs out with the recess ladies. He even went so far to say he is basically a kid recess lady. He said he waits around for kids to get hurt or need the recess ladies and then it is his self assigned job to get help.

All I could hear in my head during this conversation was my dad, smirking and smiling, saying what an old woman Owen was, and frankly, I agree. After calling himself a kid recess lady, there is no denying the precision and accuracy to which my dad has labeled Owen.

I appreciate that he is so helpful but you can imagine my joy when he came home today and announced he gathered a group of kids together and he orchestrated the group to pretend they were guards protecting the prisoners and the prisoners were trying to break free.

I am sure he kept a tight rein on the specifics, but I was glad he was a little more like kid old woman than kid recess lady.


Momma J said...

Old woman or not - Owen is responsible and eager to help - better than being a tease and a bully! HOORAY for Owen!!!

Joyce said...

That is hilarious! Owen sounds like he has such a great personality. I am sure a lot of it comes from being the oldest.