Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Well that was certainly sad & 15 month forgotten stats

On a Friday a little over a week ago we had just got home from Whole Foods.  The kids were crazy as usual from being contained at the grocery store and were excited to eat pizza, which by the way, if you ever want a good pizza, go to Whole Foods.  Anyway, Autumn and I were in the kitchen and she wanted me to hold her.  I put her on a stool and told her to stay there for a minute while I grabbed my salad.  She stands on the stools all the time, I know – not cool, so I wasn’t really worried about her.  But then suddenly, the tornado that he is, Owen came bounding in the kitchen, straight to his stool to eat his pizza.  As he climbed vigorously on his stool, it in turn bumped Autumn’s stool, which in turn knocked her off her feet, which in turn sent her flying through the air and onto the floor. 
I was close and almost caught her but instead watched her fall.  I picked her up and smothered her in kisses and so sorrys and rubbed her little bum better.  We sat back on the stool and she picked up her fork to eat.  I guess she landed on more than her bum considering she could barely hold her fork.  She tried lifting it to her mouth but it wasn’t working.  She tried again and the same thing happened.  We contemplated taking her in but throughout the night she seemed to use it more and more. 
We woke up the next morning and she seemed ok, until she climbed the stairs and tried to use her hand to push herself up, which left her lying on her face.  I decided to take her in and have her arm looked at.  3 hours later we were diagnosed with a broken arm and fitted with a little splint.  I was told it was a small break and would heal very fast and she needed to wear the splint 23 1/2 hours a day for a few weeks. 
We got home, she showed all of her friends her arm, they loved on her a bit, and Owen and I felt bad that it happened.    An hour or so later, as I was talking to the other kids, I heard something behind me…MAMMA, MAAAMAAA, MAMA.  I turned around and she handed me her splint and left to go play.  23 1/2 hours a day for 2 weeks, are you kidding?  I couldn’t keep it on for two hours, much less that ridiculous schedule.  She wasn’t having it and after finding the splint lying on the floor for the 10th time, we gave up.  The place of the break allowed her to do things still, but she couldn’t put pressure on her hand.  This is a serious problem for a 15 1/2 month old who is constantly falling down. It makes my arm hurt just thinking about falling down on a broken one! 
I took her in on Monday and she was fitted with a nice big pink cast to assure it stayed on and to make sure she wasn’t in pain. 
She doesn’t have to wear it long…thank heavens, considering she has suddenly realized it makes a nice weapon and keeps hitting us all with it. 
(she is smiling here, she didn’t mind the cast…she even held her arm up on her own to help the lady put it on)

************POST EDIT*****************
One of these days I am going to look back and my life and wonder why I forgot to write about it, because I definitely won't remember it when I am old.

When Autumn turned 15 months she was
** 28 1/2  inches tall and in the 5.62%
** 17 lbs 14 ounces - .8%
** and for some reason our dr doesn't measure heads anymore at this age.

And I would write an update about what she was like at 15 months, but it is June, this was 1/2/13 and I have no idea.  Hopefully I have a post or two to remind me of that.


Kathi and Bob said...

What a little trooper!

Cathy said...

She's a tough cookie and a very cute one at that! It sounds like you hurt more for her than she did for herself! LOL
Love you!

jetcity said...

OH poor baby! That certainly is sad.